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The Influential Personal Brand Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

The key distinction between overthinking and preparation is that preparation leads to action and overthinking leads to more thinking. In todays recap episode, we reflect on our top takeaways from our conversation with Jon Acuff, a brilliant speaker and bestselling author whose recent research has resulted in extensive knowledge on how what we think affects what we do. We devoted much of our conversation to successful self-talk for personal brands. Today, we further unpack the nature of negative self-talk and why our brains believe the thoughts we repeatedly feed it, even if they arent true. Later, we discuss why what you believe about yourself affects how clients see you and how that affects your career. We also elaborate on how our brains are like computers and why its important to consciously choose your thoughts to reprogram them. Join us today as we take deep dive into the impact of thoughts and how to change your habits for the better!