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The Influential Personal Brand Podcast

May 24, 2022

Finding the balance between humility and confidence isnt always easy, but its a worthwhile pursuit that will change your outlook and what you believe is possible. Our guest today consistently strives to find this balance in all aspects of his life, whether hes deferring to social media experts or stepping into his giftedness as an entrepreneur. Ed Mylett is a Peak Performance Expert, Global Keynote Speaker, and Best Selling Author of #MAXOUT Your Life along with his new book The Power of One More. In our conversation, we discuss Eds entrepreneurship journey, how he grew his social media channel to over 3 million followers on a minimal team, and how he came to write his latest book. We delve into the role God has played in Eds life, how to embody all the elements of your identity in any circumstance, and why its possible to embrace both science and faith simultaneously. Ed also shares how his relationship with his father shaped him, the immense influence he had on Eds life, and the part he plays in Eds new book. Ed is an incredible individual and continually demonstrates that humility and confidence is the key to a happy life. Tune in today as we unpack the concept of one more, how to implement it, and much more!