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The Influential Personal Brand Podcast

Nov 3, 2023

Ever wondered how a personal brand transforms into a global phenomenon? In todays episode, Rory delves into what it means to be a mission-driven messenger and the incredible things that can happen when you commit to sharing your message with the world. Using last weeks conversation with Pat Flynn as a jumping-off point, we kick things off with a refresher on how AI can help automate the mundane aspects of business and free you up to focus on the more meaningful and human elements of your enterprise. Youll then hear about one of our talented clients, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, how the Brand Builders Group method helped launch her book, Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well, and what her story teaches us about the power of prioritizing the message, not the messenger. Find out how to hone in on the message you feel compelled to share, why promoting that message is not just a duty, but a privilege, and why every piece of content you share should be a gift to your audience. Rory also shares the details of his new podcast, Eternal Life, why he felt compelled to share it, and what drove him to put so much work into something that he couldnt monetize. To learn more about turning your personal brand into a worldwide movement and the power of prioritizing your message, be sure to tune in for this thought-provoking episode!